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City Of Brampton Tree By-Law

Purpose Of Tree Preservation By-Law

The city of Brampton Ontario has established a tree by-law to encourage environmental stewardship through best management practices to maintain and support a healthy urban forest. Quality of community life is enhanced through an abundance of vibrant healthy mature canopies.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Information presented on this page MUST NOT be relied upon as an official by-law guide. Information outlined is intended for general awareness only. Beechwood Tree Co. makes no representation of legal advice. It is your responsibility to contact City of Brampton Urban Forestry Section at 905-874-2906 for official documentation.

Brampton Tree Cutting And Removal Permit Applications

Please, to reiterate, if you are unsure of your circumstances call our qualified personnel at Beechwood for further general guidance. Assistance requests may also be submitted via our online form. For official tree by-law legal opinions call or visit the city's website indicated above. A Brampton tree removal permit application in PDF format can be downloaded from their site.

Brampton Tree By-Law: When Permit Applications Are Not Required

Under provisions for certain circumstances it isn't necessary to apply for a removal permit as indicated by the City of Brampton tree by-law and outlined in unofficial general terms below.

Brampton Tree By-Law: When Permit Applications Are Unlikely To Be Considered

There are situations when a removal permit application will not be considered according to their tree by-law. Request examples below will most likely be denied in all probability. They are more of a by-product of nature rather than a hazard or burden therefore are considered unreasonable removal requests. City employed Arborists may recommend alternative courses of actions to lessen particular issues listed below.

Removal Permit Applications Are Considered Under These By-Law Conditions:

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