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City Of Mississauga Private Tree By-Law

Mississauga Tree Permit By-Law Number 474-05

The City of Mississauga recognizes the value urban forests provide. Through that recognition its private tree permit by-law was established. Urban forests regulate environmental factors reducing air pollution, increases oxygen production, reduces noise, as well as providing wildlife habitat.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Information presented on this page MUST NOT be relied upon as an official by-law guide. Information outlined is intended for general awareness only. Beechwood Tree Co. makes no representation of legal advice. It is your responsibility to contact City of Mississauga Urban Forestry at 905-615-4311 for official permits or opinions.

Mississauga Tree Cutting And Removal Permit Applications

To reiterate, if you are unsure of your circumstances call Beechwood's qualified personnel for further general assistance. Assistance requests may also be submitted online from the contact page form. For official urban forestry by-law legal opinions call or visit the city's website indicated above. A Mississauga tree removal permit application in PDF format can be downloaded directly if you're already aware of necessary restrictions or exemptions.

Permission And Permit Application Processes

The City of Mississauga by-law set is uniquely different from other GTA communities. Whereas with other information presentations on this website we offer some basic insight on removal processes in the case of Mississauga we are simply going to refer you to the source. Important documentation to guide you through what you'll need to know is spread across 2 PDF documents of a combined 11 pages in total. We recommend reading the 4 page Mississauga Tree Permit Permission Process PDF documentation which will give you a good overview of what to expect. Additionally their full 7 page By-Law Number 474-05 PDF document is recommended for full legal wordings and understanding. Please keep in mind that we are very accustomed to sorting through the sometimes confusing details of these types of legal documents -- it's part of our daily routine. Our Certified Arborists are only a phone call away if we may be of help to point you in the right direction. Ask us about our free estimates at the same time.

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