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Tree Care Service Cost Estimates

Free Removal Cost Estimates

Quoting tree care service cost estimates without assessing work required is very difficult due to varying factors unique to each job. Those factors may include, but are not limited to; utility lines, obstacles, height, or hardness of wood based on type. We must perform an on-site inspection to determine cost estimates of tree removal to provide you with a fair quote. As is apparent through information on this page, providing service prices in print here would be an unreliable guide. We do have a minimum call-out price of $200.00. It is far more fair and accurate for you to call or email us to arrange a free estimate visit. A person from our knowledgeable crew will schedule a convenient time to perform a free on-site assessment of needed tree work to provide fair accurate cost estimates.

Factors Affecting Commercial Or Residential Service Cost

In general there are 3 primary job types for which we provide service cost estimates. Least expensive tree work is what we refer to as logger jobs. They are ones we can cut down from the ground without any concern of it, or any branches, falling anywhere they shouldn't. Another type of job request is what we refer to as arborist trees. Those are job types in which we must climb into one but where branches have what we call a clean drip line perimeter. A drip line is a distance from trunk to branch tips -- it is a ground measurement area where branches will fall when they are cut. If no obstacles are within a drip line perimeter our work becomes easier thus reducing cost estimates slightly. A third common type of job, and by far a more difficult one, are those where every branch needs to be roped down to safely guide them away from obstacles or utility lines once they are detached from a trunk.

We also need to consider different steps of tree removal. Cutting one down is only a first step. You may require us to haul it away after we cut it down. Our work has a potential of producing a by-product in a form of wood chips that may be used for mulching. It is cheaper to mulch fallen ones and leave their by-products for you to use in landscaping yard work than to haul it away. However, chipping requires us to haul specialized equipment to a job site and that may not be viable if a job is too small.

Stump Grinding, Pruning, Trimming, Dead-Wooding, Wood Chip Mulching

Some factors affecting commercial or residential price estimates mentioned above will also apply to our various other types of work or care services. Whether you require assistance through our removal service, stump grinding, pruning branches, hedge or shrub trimming, dead-wooding, or wood chip mulching, we look forward to your inquiry.

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