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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Last Revised 19 November 2013

Under terms and conditions of this privacy policy, Beechwood Tree Company of Brampton Ontario Canada, hereafter referred to as "Beechwood", is committed to protecting your personally identifiable information. To assure you we are in compliance with privacy policy guidelines established by Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada we have prepared this document outlining our information handling and storage practices. This privacy policy has been prepared using guidelines established in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. As outlined on this page, personal information, gathered online or offline, will not be shared with any third party except when required by law as governed by the laws applicable to business activities in Brampton Ontario Canada.

Personal Information Defined

Personal information, as it relates to Beechwood's business activities, is paper or digital data about an identifiable person. It includes data that may relate to characteristics such as full name, residential address, or home phone number. Personally identifiable information does not apply to characteristics that identify business entities. A person's business name, business telephone number, or business address isn't protected by privacy legislation.

How We Use Collected Data

Visitors to this website can navigate throughout all pages without a need to provide any information of a personal nature unless deciding to contact our company. We do not automatically gather any specific personally identifiable information. However for project planning purposes, or in order to gauge effectiveness of website presentations, we do collect two types of information according to your visit purpose:

1. Without Contacting Us - Non-Personal Information Collected

This website applies a basic server-side analytics software solution named AWStats for tracking visitors. Visitor tracking of this nature is very common across most websites on the Internet. Any stats gathered cannot personally identify you. Tracking visits helps us understand whether or not we are providing a good user experience for visitors. We may potentially use gathered stats to better plan for content presentation and layout based on most commonly accessed pages. Data gathered is very basic. It includes items such as number of unique visitors, pages viewed, entry pages, duration of visit, operating systems used, browser types, screen resolutions, as well as referrals by keyword or domain.

Separate standard raw Apache Internet server logs are used to monitor network traffic. Those logs record Internet Protocol (IP) address numbers of computers accessing our website, date, time, as well as pages visited. We do not attempt to link IP addresses with identity of visitors unless an attempt to cause damage to our server has been detected. We do not use Apache server logs in conjunction with server-side AWStats. Therefore, we are not able to match IP addresses to visitors. This website does not use cookies for any reason, none will be sent to your computer from our server.

2. When You Chose To Contact Us - Personally Identifiable Information Collected

Personal information is collected during normal business interactions whether via telephone, electronic mail, or traditional surface mail. Your electronic mail address will be submitted to us as a result of filling in and submitting an inquiry from our website contact form. In those instances your unique computer Internet protocol (IP) address is also recorded to be submitted along with your personal contact details and inquiry. Personally identifiable data may consist of your full personal name, business name, residential or commercial business address, telephone number, or electronic mail address. That information will never be given, rented, or sold to any third party under any circumstance.

Beechwood must retain collected data for a given period of time to ensure we can answer questions about provided services as well as for our own accountability to external regulatory bodies. We keep client files for 7 years after last business transaction with any individual or company. Income tax requirements are primary reasons for such retention of data. We also keep any data relating to our general correspondence with people who are not our clients but have made inquiries to us about our services. This too is typically kept for seven years after last activity but a request may be made to have it destroyed unless it is of a legal nature. We destroy paper files containing personal data by shredding them. Digital data is deleted and when hardware is eventually discarded, we physically destroy hard disk drives.

Access To Your Personal Information

With few exceptions, you have right to see documented data we maintain concerning your personal identity. Simply submit a request to us in person or writing. We can help identify records we might have about you. It may be necessary to confirm your identity with photo ID before providing any such access. If there is a problem, we may ask for your request in writing. If we cannot provide access, we will tell you within thirty days and explain why we cannot grant access.

If you think our documentation is inaccurate, you may ask for it to be corrected. This applies to factual information, not to professional opinions we may have. Beechwood may ask you to provide evidence that our data is inaccurate. When agreed that there is an error, corrections will be made. If we do not agree, we will still include, in our file, a brief statement from you on the point.

Company Sale or Merger

In the event of a merger or sale of our company, assets would generally be transferred to a purchaser or new entity. This would include information collected from clients and stored in our client database. However, use of that documentation by any purchasing entity would be governed by terms of this policy, as amended from time to time.

Your Consent

By submitting personal data to Beechwood, whether in paper or digital format, you are consenting to its use by us in manners specified in this document. We reserve the right to change, modify, or add to terms or conditions of this privacy policy. We will inform you of any changes by posting a revised policy, as well as date of revision, on this page.

Further Concerns Or Questions

This policy is made under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. The Act is a very complex document. We feel we have addressed primary issues as it relates to conducting our business. If more in depth privacy policy documentation is required we suggest visiting the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada for downloadable documentation. If any details of our privacy policy are unclear, and you think it may affect you, please contact our Brampton branch for clarification. If you're not satisfied with our response; the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada oversees administration of disputes. They can be reached at:

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