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Certified Arborist Reports

What Are Certified Arborist Reports?

Increasingly, more local governing bodies are acknowledging the importance of maintaining healthy commercial and residential urban forest environments. Through that recognition, they establish tree service by-laws. Arborist reports are documented proofs that qualified personnel, with specialized arboriculture knowledge, performed an inspection to produce trusted written opinions. It assures proposed work will be in compliance with municipal preservation by-laws. Qualified personnel who produce those legal documents are highly educated in their field. They have professional title designations known as Certified Arborists. When residential property arboriculture work is required, Certified Arborist Reports are trusted legally-binding opinions municipal permit-issuing offices rely on for assurance a proper inspection has been performed.

When And Why Are Certified Arborist Reports Required?

If you are considering tree service for commercial or private residential property it is important to know when and why it may be protected according to various lawful provisions. In some instances arborist reports may be required to justify your intended action. At the very least, a permit may be required before removal work can be performed. GTA arboriculture regulated communities have varying degrees of such legal guidelines in place.

Urban forests provide many vital environmental benefits that help us to establish and maintain healthy communities. Certified Arborist Reports provide evidence that a private residential property homeowner or commercial land owner is aware of, and has considered, all options prior to injuring or removing one. Any such reports, produced by an environmental arboriculture steward known as a Certified Arborist, will outline valid lawful courses of actions that must be adhered to before a municipal by-law office will issue a removal permit.

How To Obtain Them

Depending on which GTA municipality you live in you may be required to produce one at your local permit office. Beechwood's qualified personnel can produce them. But, not all instances of arboriculture service work require them and it can be a bit confusing at times. Why not consider calling our professional personnel to answer your questions while providing you with procedural guidance. We handle these types of requests on a daily basis therefore we can help you cut through to the necessary facts quickly. If you are only at a research and fact finding stage there is more detailed information on our by-law pages for Toronto Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Brampton. Within those page details we also provide links leading to their respective municipal offices where you can download required legal documentation or permit applications.

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