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Pruning Service Etobicoke Mississauga Brampton

Beechwood Tree Pruning Service

Information presented here is a general guide to help you recognize when you should consider calling professional Arborists such as our personnel at Beechwood to help you. When done improperly, this delicate procedure can increase chances of long-term damage resulting in a less than an average lifespan. Pruning branches requires expert knowledge. Almost anybody with any type of saw can can do this type of work but not everyone can do it properly without adversely affecting it. More urban trees die unnecessarily each year as a result of improper pruning methods than by insect infestations. That should help put it in perspective. Beechwood Certified Arborists are professionally trained in commercial or residential tree pruning procedures to ensure worker safety as well as knowing how to properly perform required work. Our specialized equipment and training ensures it will be pruned to maintain its natural healthy growth potential.

Reasons For Pruning Branches

Reasons for tree pruning should be considered before cutting begins. Typically it is for a desire to train it to establish healthy growth patterns or to increase quality of its stems, leaves, or fruit. It is also common to need to restrict growth of branches if they are located near dangerous utility lines. Branches sometimes also block line of sight in driveways or on roads creating hazardous driving situations. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove hazardous branches that potentially may fall off and cause property damage or personal injury. It may also become necessary to hire commercial or residential service workers as a result of storm damaged branches. Essentially pruning is a process of reducing or removal of branches that are no longer effective or have become detrimental to a tree's overall health.

Proper Tree Pruning Methods

Our work revolves around processes known as crown thinning, raising, or reduction. Crown topping, a process you will sometimes read about, is not a recommended arboriculture procedure.

Is There An Ideal Time Of Year For This Type Of Work

This work can be performed during any season but there are instances that may be an important factor depending on types requiring service. Contrary to popular belief, an occasional out of season trim will not result in long-term harm. However, continuous improper trimming techniques or timing may result in weakening or damaging it. In general, barring sudden unexpected wind damage or insect infestation, the best time to perform this work is during winter dormancy or early spring before another season of new growth begins.

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