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Hedge And Shrub Trimming

Service For Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, GTA

Beechwood also offers a commercial property or residential homeowner hedge and shrub trimming service. Hedge or shrub trimming frequency depends on types of plants to be trimmed. A slow growing hedge or shrub normally only requires trimming work once per growing season whereas other species ideally require trimming two times per growing season. Maintaining manicured commercial or residential property lots typically includes regular trimming of hedges or shrubs surrounding or dividing your landscape. Trust Beechwood's professionally trained personnel, along with our well maintained modern arboriculture equipment, to perform tasks properly and safely. All hedge or shrub trimming work is done manually using pruners or saws when a branch diameter is too thick to ensure plant health.

When Is Hedge And Shrub Trimming Required?

As mentioned briefly above, depending on hedge or shrub type, one or two times per growing season is typically sufficient for trimming them. By the end of their second growth season, hedge or shrub trimming should become a an annual task for slow growing types such as cedar, or a bi-annual task for faster growing types. For those in which trimming is recommended annually an ideal time to perform the work is in early spring before hearty growth begins. It is a good time to remove branches that may have suffered under the weight of winter snow or ice. If your hedge or shrub is of a type that would benefit from a second seasonal trimming then it is best done in early autumn before frost has time to set in. As such, it provides assurance that cut stems will have time to heal properly before frost prevents them from doing so. This will ensure sustained long-term healthy plants.

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