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Branches Pruning Offered in Brampton

Beechwood Tree’s Certified Arborists are professionally trained in commercial or residential tree pruning procedures. In Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke Caledon, and Georgetown, our specialized equipment and training ensures your trees’ branches will be pruned properly, maintaining their natural healthy growth potential. 

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Why Ask for Professional Pruning Service

Should you consider calling professional arborists such as our personnel at Beechwood Tree to help you with branches pruning? Almost anybody with a saw can do this type of work, you may say. But not everyone can do it properly without adversely affecting the whole tree. Indeed, when done improperly, this delicate procedure can increase chances of long-term damage for the tree, resulting in a less than average lifespan. This is why pruning branches requires expert knowledge. A growing number of urban trees die unnecessarily each year as a result of improper pruning methods, even more than by insect infestations. That should help put it in perspective, no?

Reasons for Pruning Branches

Reasons for tree pruning vary. Essentially, pruning is a process of reducing or removal of branches that are no longer effective or have become detrimental to a tree's overall health. It is a way to train a tree to establish healthy growth patterns or to increase the quality of its stems, leaves, or fruit. However, other purposes can be considered:

  • To restrict the growth of branches if they are located near dangerous utility lines

  • To remove branches blocking the line of sight in driveways or on roads, creating hazardous driving situations

  • To prevent hazardous branches from falling off and causing personal injury 

  • To remove branches damaged by a storm

Proper Tree Pruning Methods

Our work revolves around processes known as crown thinning, raising, or reduction. Crown topping, a process you will sometimes read about, is not a recommended arboriculture procedure.

Crown Thinning: If we are going to be working on hardwood types we, will typically use a tree pruning method known as crown thinning. We will strategically remove branches or stems to permit better air flow throughout as well as increased light penetration.
Crown Raising: We will be removing lower branches to provide better clearance from the ground up. The purpose is to provide adequate clearance for people, vehicles, or lines of sight. This type of service generally becomes necessary to ensure it conforms to municipal by-laws.
Crown Reduction: This method is necessary when the tree becomes overgrown, either vertically or horizontally, for space allotted for it.

Is There an Ideal Time of Year for This Type of Work?

Pruning can be performed during any season depending on the types of trees requiring service. Contrary to popular belief, an occasional out-of-season trim will not result in long-term harm. However, continuous improper trimming techniques or timing may result in weakening or damaging the tree. In general, except for sudden unexpected wind damage or insect infestation, the best time to perform this work is during winter dormancy or early spring, before another season of new growth begins. Rest assured that we will advise you on the best procedures for your trees pruning. You can also require our services and knowledge for your hedge and shrub trimming needs.

What about Cabling and Bracing?

Trees that are affected by splits, cracks or weak branches union can benefit from cabling and bracing procedures. Braces and cables prevent the limbs from moving too much, which decreases the risk of branches falling and prolongs the tree’s lifespan. However, the owner must be aware that whenever cables or braces are installed, the tree is wounded and decay may occur. At Beechwood Tree, we have the required experience to determine if a tree will benefit from such a procedure, since it is not recommended for hazardous or excessively decaying trees.

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