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Tree Removal and Planting Services in Brampton

Beechwood Tree provides tree removal and planting services in Brampton. We also service Mississauga, Etobicoke, Caledon, Georgetown, as well as other Greater Toronto Area localities under certain circumstances. From free estimation to stump grinding and to proper disposal of the wood, you can count on our professional and friendly staff to take care your trees before, during and after the required work.

Commercial or Residential Service

Do you need a large tree to be removed? Either on a commercial or private residential property, municipal by-laws are one of the first things to take into consideration. Most GTA municipalities, like Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Brampton, have preservation by-laws that must be adhered to. Cutting any tree down without first knowing if it is protected by municipal regulations could lead to fines. Be informed, it may save you money! If you are not inclined to wade through the sometimes confusing tree by-law information, we can answer questions for you. If an arborist report or municipal permit is required before work can begin, we will know about it. Our staff can guide you through the proper avenues to obtain them.

When Tree Removal May Become Necessary

There are occasions when it may become necessary to remove a tree from your commercial or private residential property. Typical valid reasons include:

  • The tree is dead or decaying

  • The tree is diseased or infested 

  • The tree has suffered recent severe storm damage

  • The tree has overgrown its allocated area

  • Roots are damaging building foundations

  • A certain crown percentage is dead (varies from one locality to another)

  • A major branch or branches have become a potential property or pedestrian hazard

  • The tree has become dangerous to nearby targets such as power lines or buildings, if it falls

Trust Beechwood Tree's Removal Specialists

If there is a problem, large or small, call our service team for assistance. You will receive a free estimate and someone will advise you on what to expect. Your options will be explained after a thorough assessment has been completed by an on-site visit. Whether we decide to fell the tree in one swoop from the bottom, or top it down piece by piece, work will be done using the most rigorous safety procedures. We maintain modern specialized arboriculture equipment to ensure work is done properly. Our workers are also covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB).

Our planting and replanting service

In some cases, removing a tree can require planting a new one as per city’s regulations. You may also simply want to let nature thrive on your private or commercial grounds. When planting —or replanting— a tree, important aspects must be taken into account, among which the location, the space necessary for the tree to grow, or the possibility of disease affecting a particular essence. Our knowledgeable, Certified Arborists can assist you in the selection of the proper site and tree type according to the nature of the soil, the amount of light and the water required, so you can improve the beauty of your property for a long time. Of course, our tree care services also include branches pruning to make sure your new and old trees grow healthily.

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