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Toronto Etobicoke Private Tree Protection By-Law

City Of Toronto, Etobicoke Urban Forestry

Etobicoke Ontario has established a private tree protection by-law to encourage environmental stewardship through best management practices of maintaining healthy urban forests. Quality of life in Etobicoke is enhanced with healthy mature canopies on commercial or residential property.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Information presented on this page MUST NOT be relied upon as an official by-law guide. Information outlined is intended for general awareness only. Beechwood Tree Co. makes no representation of legal advice. It is your responsibility to contact the City of Toronto concerning trees on private property at 416-392-2489 for official documentation.

Etobicoke Permit Applications To Injure Or Destroy Urban Property Trees

If you are unsure of circumstances as it relates to your commercial or residential property call Beechwood's qualified personnel for further general guidance. Assistance requests may also be submitted online. For official by-law legal opinions call or visit the city's website indicated above. An Etobicoke private tree removal permit application in PDF format can be downloaded from their site. If you have determined that you must submit an application consideration they may be hand delivered, mailed, or sent by courier to Etobicoke York District: Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall, M9C 2Y2. Complete regulatory information is available by downloading the Toronto Private Tree By-law Article III Chapter 813 documentation. For general research purposes we have presented highlights of terms and conditions below. Furthermore, unlike some surrounding GTA communities, the Etobicoke private tree by-law applies to all species with a trunk diameter of 30 centimetres or more measured at a height of 140 centimetres above ground. It is applicable to all types including single family residential.

Permit Exemption - Work May Proceed Without Contacting Toronto Urban Forestry Services

Under provisions it isn't necessary to apply for an application to injure or destroy one on commercial or residential private property as indicated by Etobicoke tree by-law details outlined in unofficial general terms below.

Removal Permit Applications Are Unlikely To Be Approved Under These Circumstances

There are situations when a removal permit applications will be denied. Request examples below may be considered as a burden by some residential homeowners (but a joy for others) and will be rejected. They are more of a by-product of nature rather than hazards. If you are considering putting in a request for any reasons below, save your effort and application money because they will most likely not be approved.

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