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Wood Chip Mulching in Brampton

Thanks to Beechwood Tree, taking care of your trees can also mean taking care of your vegetables and ornamental plants! This is why, along with our arboricultural services, we offer a wood chip mulching service in Brampton to commercial properties or residential homeowners. We also serve Mississauga and Caledon in the Peel Region, Etobicoke within Toronto GTA west, and for residents of Halton Region, we cover Georgetown.

Organic Wood Chip Mulch for Sale in GTA

Our mulch is a 100% organic by-product of our various arboriculture services. Some of our clients prefer to have their fallen trees hauled away after we complete our tasks, which produces an abundance of mulch for us to sale by the yard. Whether you only need to buy a few yards or enough to cover a whole field, we can help you! Call us with your requirements and we can see what we have in stock to offer you. Our delivery area is the same as our service area.

Benefit from Our Wood Chip Mulching and Tree Care Service

When performing various arboriculture tasks, our Certified Arborists use a chipping machine to which cut down branches and trees are fed. As the private residential property owner from which a tree was felled, you may choose to keep the resulting wood chip mulch for your yard work. Use our organic mulch as a protective layer to place over your various soiled areas such as vegetable gardens, flower beds, or around the base of trees. Wood chip mulching is a whole natural method to help retain moisture and reduce ground erosion. It is also very effective in suppressing weed growth, all while providing essential nutrients.

Remember that before cutting down a tree, your locality’s urban forestry by-laws must be respected and a permit requested depending on the situation. If necessary, Beechwood Tree can provide you with an inspection and a legal report.

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