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Stump Grinding in Brampton

In arboriculture standard processes, after cutting down a tree you will be left with a stump protrusion. Residual protrusions will be of varying height and girth depending on the nature of the removal work done. With Beechwood Tree, you benefit from 35 years of experience in tree care and removal services, including stump grinding. In Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Caledon and Georgetown, our team of Certified Arborists are here to help! We can clean your commercial or residential property of any cumbersome stump.

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is different from stump removal, as it does not leave you with a hole in the ground but consists in reducing the protrusion to wood chips blended along with surrounding soil. The stump grinding can be done along with a tree removal, at an additional cost. It is an extra charge because in some instances it may be of inconsequential diameter, thereby allowing property owners to perform the work themselves to save money. However, it is a labour intensive and tedious process if you try to do it yourself manually. Beechwood Tree's specialized stump-grinding machinery can grind down residual protrusions regardless of their sizes. Excess chips will be left as a natural mulch or removed for a fee. Just add top soil to ready the ground for replanting purposes. Cost-free locates for buried utilities may be necessary; you will find more information at Ontario One Call – making sure you can proceed safely is the law.

Reasons for Stump Grinding

At some point, a homeowner may decide to remove a stump left behind from previous removal work. Reasons for having left it there in the first place are often financial. However, after staring at it, doing yard work around it, or tripping over it for too long, time has come to do something about it. Sometimes, the owner wants to reclaim the area for other landscaping purposes, or decides to put his or her home up for sale and realises how detrimental that protruding obstacle is in the eye of potential buyers! Whatever your reason may be, Beechwood Tree's qualified personnel can help you reclaim that landscaping space. Call or email us for free estimates.

Understanding Our Service Process

Beechwood Tree has the right machine for any size job. With specialised self-propelled equipment, somewhat like a large version of a radial saw attached to a robotic arm, an unsightly protrusion will be ground into wood chips to a depth of 20-30 centimetres below ground level. We will get the work done properly. Resulting wood chip mulch is practical for use as compost or it may be used as garden bedding. Alternatively, if a client does not want to keep the wood chips, we will gladly remove them from your property.

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